Eagles Nest Technology

Eagles Nest Technology uses a process of conceptualization, planning, and modeling of web content for delivery via the Internet/Intranet to your users and customers.

During design we will work with you to establish your goals and needs in leveraging the Internet/Intranet for your business. We can work with you to find a domain name and hosting service that meets your needs.

Our intent is make sure that your web site will look the way you want it and work the way you expect it. During this time we will advise you of options and features that you could use on your web site.

We can provide maintenance after your web site is up or train you to maintain your own site. Maintenance is the on-going support to change the content of the current web site files. An example of this is when data such as rates, photos or any current data changes. The files, in turn, will need to be modified to reflect such changes. Once your web site is designed, a maintenance program is available to continue to keep it up to date.

Eagles Nest Technology can also assist in setting up eBusiness applications for your business. These could be free or low cost applications like Google applications or Microsoft Office including Office 365.

Sites we have worked on: